Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review – Good Or Bad Drink?

Amazing Grass Green Superfood ReviewThis is the Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review by PowerGreenDrinks

If you are a typical health freak looking for an excellent green superfood that will spark up your energy in just some few weeks, then Amazing Green Grass is one of the finest available options in the market you ought to consider.

With the numerous positive reviews, it may just be what best suits your needs.



Amazing Grass Green Superfood ReviewAmazing Green Grass Superfood or AGGS as it is popularly known as is a quality product from Amazing Grass.

It is, in fact, their flagship product packed with an incredible blend of ingredients designed to keep you energized and perfectly healthy.

The combination of elements includes wheat grass, farm-fresh alkalizing greens, antioxidants, wholesome veggies, fruits and nutrient-dense superfoods.


Nutritional Profile:

AGGS houses a perfectly-rounded antioxidant profile, digestive enzymes, fiber count, and digestive enzymes defining it as a complete product.

Its ingredient list embraces a strong emphasis on premium organic ingredients and grasses:

• Greens: Alfalfa grass, wheat grass, barley.

• Fibers: flax seed, Apple Pectin.

• Berries: beet, Acai, maca, carrot, rose hips, green tea, raspberry, acerola cherry, pineapple.

• Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes: protease, F.O. S (prebiotic), cellulose, lipase, L.acidophilus, protease, lactase, amylase.


Taste & Texture:

Taste is quite subjective.

Although the market comprises numerous green-based products, you will realize that the earthier’ the taste of a product the better it is.

AGGS will not win your heart with its characteristic grassy taste only; this superfood drink is not only gritty but highly earthy and boasts a creamy texture.

Over time, you may ultimately develop a liking for its taste, although most folks won’t.

A significant number of individuals are so acquainted with sweetened foods making the transition to typical nutrient-based diets a rather unusual adjustment.

If you are a first-time green superfood drink user, try taking them with juices/smoothies to assist you to gradually get acquainted with their taste.

Add some natural sweeteners to the superfood mix then proceed to enjoy.

On their website, Amazing Grass has a comprehensive recipe section that offers customers a platform where they can review all recipes they have subsequently tried.

In the event you do not prefer to enjoy AGGS by itself, this section gives you all the relevant insight.

The AGGS product line of superfood mixtures offers different flavors (berry, lemon-lime, orange creamsicle) – all which are wonderful alternatives for anyone that likes a bit of flavor to an otherwise regular wheatgrass taste.



This is undoubtedly the most challenging segment to review.


In reality, it is virtually impossible to compare apple-to-apple comparisons considering every product boasts a unique blend of ingredients.

Nonetheless, while it not exactly science, the following criteria have been used to determine the overall worth of AGGS:

• Quality of mentioned ingredients.

• Nutritional categories (superfoods, antioxidants, etc.)

• The total amount of servings per pack in grams.

Only then is it possible to determine its cost-per-serving!

AGGS costs approximately $20.89 (a standard 30-servings supply) – equitable to just $1 for every serving).

This is incredibly reasonable, considering that the general trend with superfood products is about $2-$4 for every serving.

NB: every serving represents eight nutritional grams.

With a $1 per serving, AGGS offers decent value.

It can get uncompromisingly worse!



• Easy mixing: contrary to other powders, AGGS eradicates the need to blend to prepare your shake or drink.  All you need is to scoop, add water/juice and simply stir and enjoy!

• Source of essential nutrients: Thanks to its high mineral, vitamin, antioxidant and fatty acid content, you can quickly treat your body to all the essential nutrients from a single drink as opposed to consuming several whole veggies/fruits.

• Energy boosting: With the blend of minerals, Antioxidants, and vitamins present, you can now feel more energized after every drink.

• The high-quality product comprising a fantastic superfood profile.

• Extensive product line.

• Outstanding company culture, genuine, devoid of any hype marketing.

• Excellent and fair pricing: At an approximate $20.89, you get a 30-day supply



• Unpleasant taste

• The ingredients list does not include some nutrients you are enjoying



1. Berry Green Superfood: A supplement that contains most of the nutrients as in the AGGS and at a slightly lower price.  Mixes well, is good and with decent flavor. Worth considering.

2. Organic Greens Superfood Supplement RDA-12: 100 % natural with a composition of 12 whole fruits.  It is formulated to offer 12 vital vitamins in an easy-to-digest single supplement formula-although it is only available in powder form.


Wrap Up:

Amazing Grass Green Superfood is possibly the best-formulated product in a market filled with a broad range of superfood mixtures.

Its excellent ingredient profile and decent value make it a fantastic option for anyone seeking to accustom themselves to the world of green drinks.

It is packed with a host of nutrients and is an amazing way to include more fruits and veggies in your nutritional routine.

Despite coming off as somewhat costly, it is a worthwhile investment for boosting energy and improving your overall nutrition.

We hope that this Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review was of great value to you.

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