BõKU Superfood Powder Review – Good Green Drink?

BoKU Superfood Powder ReviewBõKU International, Inc. is a family owned enterprise that focuses on gourmet products that are 100% organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

One of their products is the BõKU Super Food Powder.

It is an organic phytonutrient powder and the flagship product of BõKU which gathered much attention because of its award winning formula.

Let’s have a closer look at the BõKU Superfood Powder in this BõKU Superfood Powder review


What is it?

BõKU Superfood is a powder based organic supplement.

It is the combination of 55 different superfoods that is proved to be the most nutrient dense on the planet.

The ingredients used are harvested at its peak ripeness and carefully dried and powdered.

You will benefit from a virgin, plant based vitamins and minerals.

To consume this nutrient packed powder, you will only need to add water and mix it.

This mixture can be consumed any time of the day.

It offers more nutrients in a tablespoon than an average person will consume in several days.


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Is it Right for You?

BõKU Super Food promises so many nutrients that can’t be consumed by an average human per day.

It is the perfect product for health enthusiasts and for people who are always on the go.

It is also good for people who need more nutrients than any average person.

Furthermore, it is easy to prepare…

Just take a spoonful and mix it in either a glass of pure water, non-dairy beverage or in any favorite juice.


Is it Worth it?

One serving of BõKU Super Food is right around 9 grams.

A 30-day supply costs approximately $50.

Doing the math, it will take around $1.70 per serving.

Looking at this, it is a bit more expensive than the average super food supplement.

However, the amount of nutrition and benefit that you will receive are also more than your average super food supplement.

If you want to have a great product, then you must pay more.

This is true of all products out there, and BõKU is not an exception.

With its additional price comes its additional benefits which you may want.


How Does it Taste?

Other nutrient based powder extracts tend to be earthy and swampy taste.

However, BõKU SuperFood tastes different.

According to some user feedbacks, the taste is great.

It is not too swampy nor too sweet.

It tastes best when mixed with some fruit juices, yogurt, or smoothie.

Users also report that after taking it consistently for three months, they feel that their body has taken a new turn.

They feel more energized throughout the day.

One common thing is that most of them lose weight.

This may be due to it being so much energized that you tend to do more activities than you usually do.



· If you are in a rush, it can be used with only water.

· BõKU is complete with its diverse mushroom blend that is very rare to find on other superfood supplement products.  It contains 14 different blends.

· It also boasts its diverse fruit blend containing 15 different fruits.Super Food 200 x 200

· It contains super sprouts that are not only hard to find but also more potent than any full-grown vegetables.

· It is processed in small batches.  Meaning, the manufacturers have more attention to detail.

The ingredients used are fresher coming completely from the farm to the table.

It is not apparent today, but it may be a major thing for food supplements in the future.



· If you are one of the wheatgrass lovers, then you might be upset.  Instead of wheat grass, BõKU uses Barley grass.  Wheat grass is sweeter while Barley grass is more bitter.  However, their nutrient values are almost identical, and Barley grass is more friendly on digestion.

· Because of its price, the most economical serving that you can do is only 9 grams.  If you add more than that, it will crank up the cost per serving.

· It is much more potent than any other brands.  Users that prefer more mild supplement may not enjoy what BõKU may bring.


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BõKU is not the only one present in the industry.

The following brands are the competitor of BõKU in terms of superfood supplement industry.

a. Total Living Drink Greens

b. Amazing Grass

c. Athletic Greens

d. Organifi Green Juice

e. Green Vibrance

f. Orgain Superfood

Overall, BõKU Super Food is a great green drink powder.

It is one of the best superfood supplement that promises several nutrients in one drink.

If you are still skeptical about this product, try a 30-day package and see for yourself.

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