Total Living Drink Greens Superfood Powder Review

Total Living Drink Greens Review

Total Living Drink Greens ReviewWelcome to the Total Living Drink Greens Review!

Over the years, super food drinks’ popularity seems to be escalating and it is easy to see why.

Not only are they nutritionally beneficial, but they are also time-saving as is with multiple vegetables and fruits servings in a single drink.

They can find use as nutritional supplements, weight loss portions, and meal replacements.

While there are several products vying for the title of best super food powder review, only ONE deserves the title at this time – Total Living Drink Greens.



Also referred to as TLDG, Total Living Drink Greens is an exclusive super food blend formulated by the Kylea Company.

It is a powdered blend that can be mixed with either juice or water to produce healthy everyday greens serving.

The powder comprises 9 distinct super foods to offer you a wholesome and nutritious blend of fruits and vegetables.

What’s more, besides containing fruits, vegetables and proteins all in one, it also boasts spirulina-accredited as the finest green super food currently available.



TLDG contains an assortment of nutritious and health-boosting ingredients among them are: spirulina, fenugreek, alfalfa, carrot, broccoli, barley, brown rice, wheat grass, lecithin, chlorella, pineapple, dulse, apple juice, and bitter melon.

With every serving, you get slightly over 13 grams worth of these vegetables and fruits which are surprisingly higher than it is with typical green formulas.



As earlier mentioned, TLDG comprises 9 diverse ingredients for optimal health benefits.

They include:

· Proteins: For the building of lean muscle.

· Fruits & Vegetables: Avail necessary minerals to boost your immunity and sustain your overall health.

· Digestive Enzymes: Offer better caloric utilization and digestion.

· Probiotics: Support healthy and functional bowel.

· Amino Acids: Boost overall health and body energy.

· Antioxidants: Boosts immunity and overall functionality of the immune system.

· Herbs: Support cleansing of internal organs, blood, and intestines.

· Vitamins: nutritional building blocks.

· Minerals: improves all bodily functions and sustains life.

With each scoop, you not only have a comprehensive solution to all your health problems, but you also have a perfectly nutritional serving of health-boosting formulation.



Contrary to typical green foods, TLD Greens has an amazing taste.

On opening the package, you are treated to a fruity pleasant fragrance and a subsequent solution that not only mixes well but conceals the algae taste that comes with standard green drinks and which most individuals greatly detest.

While a great number of similar drinks go for whole vegetable powder during their formulation, TLD Greens utilizes juice extracts.

Aside from containing a better percentage of phytonutrients, juice extracts also taste better hence the different pleasant taste not common with green drinks.



TLD Greens may come off as overpriced, but it is genuinely among the best-valued super food green drinks the market has to offer.

If you decided to ingest every single ingredient it incorporates separately, a 1-month supply would cost you slightly over $300-and this does not include the respective tablets.

In comparison with its competitors and alternatives such as Shakeology, it is significantly cheap.

With Shakeology, you have to part with $130 for just 40 grams with every serving compared to the fairly priced Total Living Drinks Greens at just $99.

Moreover, the manufacturers also offer you an exclusive shipping program and coupons that allow you to save 15% and 10% respectively. Need you hear more?



  • Made using 9 diverse supplements.
  • Packed with phytonutrients.
  • Detoxification benefits.
  • Digestive health.
  • Immune booster.
  • Affordable.


Not available in stores; only available from their OFFICIAL website and on Amazon.

>>Buy On Amazon

>>Buy On Kylea Health Website



This product is just but amazing. Not only does it comprise an impressive formula, it also surprisingly tastes better than any available green drink. Moreover, nowhere else will you get a green drink cheaper than Total Living Drink Greens. (Brandon Sweeney, 2016)


TLDG is the sure deal! Despite using it for just several days, not only has my bowel functions improved, my levels of energy are just amazing. I would recommend it for everyone! Tracey (2016)



Currently, Total Living Drink Greens is second to none in the niche of green drinks.

Not only does it serve the purpose as a nutritional supplement, but it also boasts enough calories and proteins per serving to act as a typical meal replacement.

At just $99, you are relieved of the burden of collectively ingesting all the named ingredients to achieve your results and considering it has a higher super food per serving compared to any competing product, you need not worry about value for your money.

Finally, if you need assurance of its efficiency and safety, its lack of negative feedback although weirdly unusual is enough testimony of its quality.

Do you need a nutritional everyday supplement without breaking the bank?

Now you know what your dietary routine needs.

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